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The days when a brand or a business could do without a website are over.
Now everyone is using the internet, everyone is networked and everyone is connected at all times.
You are reading this because you understand what business people have understood for centuries: if you want to sell something, you go to where people are.
Nowadays, everyone lives online.

How Much Will Your Website Project Cost You?

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Build Something Tailor Made For Your Users.

All of our websites are built and tailor made for each individual client, and that is just what you se. We also custom build the backend so that our clients are able to update, add content and keep their websites fresh. We make the complex simple, and that takes creativity, which we have by the bucketful.

24 Hour Support

By email or by telephone, we guarantee to answer your questions or to help with any problems you may run into.

Do you arrange buying the domain name and hosting for the site, and is this included in your quote?

Yes, we set this all up, but first we consult with our clients to endeavour to get exactly the website address that they want, subject to availability of course.

How easy will it be for me to report on and update my website? If it requires specialist knowledge, will you provide training for myself and my staff?

We train all of our clients to get the very best from their website. We help you to be able to upload images, audio, video or embed offline content and to write articles for your blog and site. We now that the worst thing is a dormant website and we ensure that our clients are happy and confident managingh their websites.

Will there be any ongoing costs for general site maintenance?

For the first 12 months this is included in the price of your website, so you have nothing more to pay for a year, unless you need premium, paid for software.

We wend you a monthly report on your site activity, security and analytics.

After 1 year you will have to renew the hosting (we can do that for you) we can give you an affordable quote for ongoing cybersecurity and upgrades for the future.

Will you optimise the website for search engines?

Yes, and we will train you how to continue doing this on your own.

Will the site be mobile responsive?

Yes, the site will be totally responsive for laptop, desktop and tablets.

If I am unhappy with the finished design of my site, can it be amended and is there a cost associated with this?

As you are implicated from the start, we shouldn’t get to this point. In the unlikely event that we do, we will endeavour to design your site exactly as you wish it to be.

Will you provide content and imagery for the site, or should I provide it?

This is usually up to the client, but we will train you to manage this yourself.

How is my website protected if something goes wrong?

You will get a monthly security digest and your site will be continuously backed up, so if anything goes wrong we can step back a day or two. We install industry standard Cybersecurity, backup and Malware software to ensure the security of u-your website.

If I run into difficulties what can I do?

Send us an email or call us, we’ll be happy to help in less than 24 hours (apart from holidays).

Let’s Work Together

Let’s start a conversation to help us understand what you really want and especially how your website can increase your revenue … and by how much.


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