Le Cascabar Restaurant Albi

Une courte vidéo GRATUITE pour Facebook / Instagram pour promouvoir l’ouverture du restaurant après la distanciation socals de Covid19 comme un exemple de la façon dont nous pouvons fournir des […]

Papa Calvo Pizzas Blagnac

Un téléchargement gratuit généré pour un exemple d’utilisation d’une pizzeria à Blagnac, près de Toulouse

Maison Ma broche Castanet-Tolosan

Une courte publicité sur Facebook et Instagram pour promouvoir les produits Maison La Broche à Castanet-Tolosan

Student Tips for Participating in Online Learning

Some tips for learners participating in Online Learning Sessions.

Tips and Tricks for Teachers Educating on Zoom

If it’s your first time using Zoom, visit the Educating Guide: Getting Started on Zoom and complete the steps in advance of your class to get you set up. Schedule your […]

A complete guide to training with Zoom

The purpose of this guide is to help outline how different individuals within the K-12 schooling system can leverage Zoom in a virtual learning environment. It is broken up into […]

The Einstein Riddle

Variations of this riddle appear on Internet from time to time. It is sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein and it is claimed that 98% of people are incapable of solving […]

ZOOM Meeting Keyboard shortcuts

ZOOM Meeting Keyboard shortcuts

10 Tips for Zoom Meetings

10 Tips for Zoom Meetings


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